As a self-taught artist, I work hard to create images that intrigue and spark the imagination. Street photography — the art of capturing candid images in everyday life — allows me to document the world around me, moment by moment. When viewed through a lens, my surroundings become a stage, and with it, ever-changing characters and stories.

This genre of photography is a natural extension of my training as a journalist and story-teller. My goal is to create images that turn ordinary moments into something extraordinary, eliciting an emotional response from the viewer and raise unanswered questions about people and society.

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2019 (Group) – Every Day Is Valentine’s Day, C9 Art Gallery, Toronto

2018 (Group) – Precious Snowflakes, Yellow House Gallery, Toronto

2018 (Group) – Love Lives in Scarborough, Scarborough Arts, Toronto

2018 (Group) – Gallery City, Toronto

2016, 2017 (Group) – Art in the Park, Scarborough Arts, Toronto

Please get in touch with me to inquire about my availability for portraits and corporate events, print sizes and prices for images in my portfolio, or if you recently modelled for me in street photography and would like a free copy of your photo. 

Email me at jamesiptor@gmail.com

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