One Year Later…


This image was taken just over a year ago. I like it because – while technically imperfect – it’s one of the few times (among 16,000 shots according to my camera’s shutter count) I was able to capture a moment of humour, wonderment and curiosity.

It was also just around the time when I “discovered” street photography and fell in love with it. Along with a million other people around the world who have a cellphone camera and an Instagram account. After all, what other genre of photography is more accessible in this digital age besides the almost as ubiquitous bathroom selfie?

When I first started, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I figured all I need to do is go out on the street and take a photo of someone in public, right? And if it isn’t very interesting, maybe turning it black and white will at least make it artsy and gritty. I also latched on to the whole “spray and pray” method – shooting rapid fire (sometimes in burst mode) of random people on the street and hope you get at least one good shot of someone doing something interesting.

Hard lessons, but learning is also a big part of my love affair with photography. Recently, I was lucky enough to learn from @ianmacdonaldphotography for street photography and @adamzivo for portraiture. Getting real-world tips and constructive criticism are essential to learning. There are so many ways an image can be improved, whether it be through composition, light, technique, etc., etc. That also means an almost infinite learning curve. But one that is fun, fascinating and incredibly satisfying too. Every time I read about a “master” photographer, or find on Instagram a new contemporary, there’s always lots to learn and be inspired by. I think maybe that’s why photography is such a good fit for me – I’m always in a constant state of growth and discovery, and pushing for that next great shot.

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