Pedestrian Sundays Bring Out the Colour in Kensington Market

A couple of weeks ago, I finally managed to make it down to this summer’s Pedestrian Sundays at Kensington Market here in Toronto. The Market is a very lively neighbourhood in the downtown area and in the summer, they close the streets to traffic on the last Sunday of every month.

Making it pedestrian-only, Kensington Market becomes that much more alive, drawing locals and tourists alike to take part in music, food stalls, dancing, etc. It’s a street photographer’s dream with all sorts of subject matter.

I personally think they should increase the frequency of making it pedestrian-only or even making it permanent. In all the years I’ve lived in Toronto, I don’t think I’ve ever driven THROUGH Kensington Market – it has always been a neighbourhood for exploring by foot.

It was perfect weather when we went, although the harsh sun made it a little bit challenging to shoot. Still, I came away with some interesting images. Hope you enjoy!


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