Street Images from New York – Part 3

Even though my family is used to me stopping every now and then to take photos whenever we are out, we decided to split up for a few hours on our final day in Manhattan. They did a tour of Radio City Music Hall, while I decided to walk from Union Square up to Times Square to meet them after their tour.

I was able to walk along the east-west streets, while slowly moving north block by block, mostly along Broadway. I was determined to stay away from where tourists flocked to, because I really wanted to capture how New Yorkers live their everyday lives.

I was very happy with the images I brought back with me. If New York hotels weren’t so terribly expensive, I’d like to visit more often. Now that my husband has seen the city for himself – and he quite enjoyed our trip – I think I can convince him for another short trip soon, perhaps closer to the fall or winter.

Until then, here are some images from our final day. Enjoy!





I think this is my favourite image from our trip. I had spotted the bright pink hat from several yards away and started framing my shot, so I was ready to take it when I was close enough. There’s always an element of luck in street photography, and this time, it was the truck with the pink hippo that was just making the corner into the frame. On his own, the man in the hat would have been a good image, but I think the hippo really ties it together.