DIY SD Memory Card Holder

I love buying gadgets and gear, but I also draw the line when companies charge an arm and a leg for something as simple as a case to hold memory cards.

So instead of spending almost $20 for something like this, go to your nearest drugstore and get yourself some interdental picks. These are tiny little brushes for use in between teeth as an alternative to flossing.


Look for ones that come with a carrying case and you’ll find that the case is the perfect size for storing up to six SD cards.



Obviously, they’re not water-resistant or shock-proof, but for the average photographer, I’d say they work just fine. Plus you can up your dental hygiene game at the same time.


These kits cost only about $4 each.

If you have found your own DIY photography gear or accessory, let me know in the comments! 🙂

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