I know I’ve been complaining about the cold weather, but I have no excuse now that we have much warmer temperatures.

I have been trying to go out to shoot more – it’s just so much more pleasurable when you’re not bundled in a thick coat and trying to adjust camera controls with gloves on. I also don’t feel as rushed to get good shots so I can get back indoors and warm up.

In following a lot of different photographers online, I’ve noticed many people shooting different styles all within the broad genre of street photography. This includes images that highlight very strong contrasts between light and shadow. This image I took, for example, is one along those lines:



I will continue to experiment with this style, but as my partner reminds me, “Don’t copy other people.”

This, and some other great advice can be found in this free guide from Magnum photographers, regardless of what genre of photography you work in. (You don’t have to register for anything, just provide an email – they try not to spam you.)

With that said, here are a few recent images. I’ve also been experimenting more with colour versus black and white. I choose colour if I feel the colours contribute to the image, rather than distract from it. Besides, using colour just feels right when the weather is so much nicer.  I hope you enjoy them!