Using the new Fuji X100F

Even though it cost an arm and a leg, the Fuji X100F did not disappoint. I took it out for a spin and really enjoyed using it.

Focus was sharp and fast, and it really is so much lighter and easier to use. Very discreet too, as people don’t seem to notice it as much as a DSLR with a long lens attached.

Another plus of having a fixed-lens camera is that I know I have just one field of view. It makes me more disciplined in framing the shot in my head, knowing that if I’m not close enough, it likely won’t work because I can’t zoom.  This helps me plan my shots well in advance.

Here are some images from my first few days of shooting with it.


Ice Cream37274247070_cb34aea9eb_ocommuteToronto Pride


2 thoughts on “Using the new Fuji X100F

  1. How is the autofocus on X100F? I had the X100 and my girlfriend has the X100T it’s a beautiful camera! I don’t know if it was anything wrong with mine, but I was a amateur and it is an advanced camera and I had just learned the Nikon so I decided to stick with Nikon for now 😊 I think once my financial situation changes I will invest in a compact camera again


  2. I do find in lower light situations, the AF doesn’t lock as quickly to take consecutive images. I haven’t tried the burst mode yet in real life, as I haven’t had a need to at this time.

    I also just graduated from a Nikon – first a D3300 and then a D5500. The D5500 was definitely enough camera for me, but now that I’m focusing on street photography, the smaller and lighter X100F is a better match. And the X series are indeed beautiful cameras, so I love going out to shoot even more than before. 🙂


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