Last weekend when I really started focusing on street photography, it was my partner’s turn to have his daughter to stay with us. Because it’s been unseasonably warm, we decided to go to Centre Island.

Learning to focus on candid moments rather than the scenery of the island was a switch for me, though you might think there’d be lots of opportunities with so many people around.

These are a few captures from that day.


This was taken on our way to the island. My husband said, “How many more pictures of the CN Tower do you need?” He was only half-joking as it’s true – whenever I encounter a great view of our skyline, I can’t help but want to take a picture. And I had never captured the city from this view before.

I had already snapped a few when I spotted how the window from the boat framed the tower. I included the woman as an added focal point.



This is a children’s rollercoaster ride on the island, which meant I was able to get close enough to take this shot with my 35mm lens. I took several shots from this vantage point, of different riders. Each kid had their own unique expressions, but I liked this one the best.



This is a statue dedicated to Jack Layton a civic leader who passed away in 2011. A lot of people pose with it (there’s an empty seat behind him on a tandem bike). This was one of those lucky moments when the timing was right. I only wish the guy sitting on the ledge wasn’t there – it would have been a cleaner image.


Couple on Ferry

This was taken on the ferry ride back to the city. By this time, it was evening and I had to boost my ISO to get this shot, hence the high amount of noise. Still, I was happy with capturing the expression on the man’s face and his hand caressing his partner.